Alhambra Theater & Haynies Corner Fountain

Location50 Adams Ave
Evansville, IN

Built in the Moorish style and modeled after the Alhambra Palace in Spain, the Alhambra Theatorium was the second theatre of its type built in what would prove to be a wave of similar theaters popping up across the globe. As Evansville's first local movie theater equipped for sound and air conditioning, the Alhambra cost a mere $18,000 to build in 1913 ($432,784.00, in today's dollars according to the Alhambra's calculations).

While the theatre has undergone a few restorations in the past 100-or-so years, the current stewardship's goal is to have the auditorium portion of the theatre functioning by 2017. It's a serendipitous goal considering the Alhambra is credited with spurring a wave of business in the early 20th Century in the currently booming Haynie's Corner Arts District, until it originally ceased operation in 1956.

Across the street from the theatre is the unmistakable Haynie's Corner Fountain, which in many ways acts as a marker for not only the convergence of four Evansville neighborhoods, but also a long-standing cultural gathering place.

In an effort to combat its historical negative reputation, community representatives have been working closely with public officials to fund initiatives aimed at increasing community engagement and encouraging new businesses growth with events like The Haynie's Corner Arts District First Fridays.