Downtown Evansville

LocationEvansville, IN

Since its founding in 1812, Downtown Evansville, Ind. has evolved from a 200-acre plat of streets running parallel to an oxbow in the Ohio River to Southern Indiana's largest city, and one of a few cultural and economic hubs in our corner of the Union.

Geography played a big role in the River City's success during its formative years, and much like the city at large, Downtown Evansville has changed a lot over time. Luckily, all it takes to find the historical beauty woven into the rapidly modernizing backdrop of Downtown Evansville is a stroll down the city's brick-paved Main St. or to take a closer look at the Victorian homes that line First Street.

Yes, Downtown Evansville is rapidly changing, but it is also surrounded by a community of individuals who posses a deeply ingrained respect for the past.