Four Freedoms Monument

DesignerRupert Condict
Location267 SE Riverside Dr
Evansville, IN 47713

Evansville's most recognizable landmark, the Four Freedoms Monument, is a numerical testament to the United States' most treasured freedoms.

Thirteen concentric steps, representing the original 13 colonies, lead to four columns, which are surrounded by 50 pedestals that each bare the name and seal of one state from the Union. The limestone columns, which were originally built in 1882 to adorn the entrance of the C&EI Railroad Depot in Evansville were salvaged in 1961 at the Depot's demolition and given a new purpose 15 years later.

The Four Freedoms Monument was erected in 1976 in celebration of the U.S. Bicentennial. Four smooth-shafted, ionic columns act as 26-foot tall evocative reminders of: the freedom of speech, freedom from oppression, freedom of religion and freedom from fear.

Some also suggest the circular base on which these four columns sit symbolizes a fifth freedom, the freedom to peacefully assemble, which many groups do at this site regularly.