The Gerst Haus

Location2100 W Franklin Street
Evansville, IN 47712

This ornately decorated three-story brick building located at 2100 W. Franklin St. in Evansville sits at the intersection of two distinct, regional traditions — German beer and Victorian architecture.

Originally built in 1890 for Rosenberger's wholesale grocery, the building's facade is a testament to period Victorian architectural-fashion, sporting fluted cast iron columns and decorative, galvanized tin panels that were manufactured and sold right here in Evansville by George L. Mesker & Co.

Mesker & Co. similarly outfitted more than 40,000 buildings in this style, nationwide, playing an integral role in the re-beautification and return to normalcy of the United States following the devastation of the U.S. Civil War.

Coincidentally, the exact same year (1890) in Nashville, Tenn., Christian Moerlein and William Gerst were opening the Moerlein-Gerst Brewing Company.

Despite playing several roles in the community, (most notably, as the Heldt & Voelker Hardware building), the structure, was purchased by the Gerst Brewery of Nashville and has been serving up traditional German fare and an array of craft beers to happy residents ever since.