Joan Marchand Bridge

ArchitectPittsburgh Bridge Company
LocationOhio St. over Pigeon Cr.
Evansville, IN

The Joan Marchand Bridge was named for a former Evansville preservation officer back in 1996 when it became a pedestrian-only bridge; but there's been a bridge spanning Pigeon Creek since 1841. Though, the iteration we know today, characterized by its steel trusses, was actually built by the Pittsburg Bridge Co. in 1891 to help move commerce along the Ohio River.

A member of the National Register of Historic Places, the Joan Marchand Bridge was most recently renovated in 2009 to the tune of $810,000 as part of Evansville's Greenway project.

This hulking bridge overlooking the scenic Ohio River helped connect Evansville's East and West sides, and today it stands in homage to the city's historical ties to transportation.