Willard Library

ArchitectJames W. Reid
Location21 First Ave
Evansville, IN

Willard Library is a stoic specimen of gothic architecture on the east-side of Evansville's Lamasco district and serves as the contributive legacy of its founder, Willard Carpenter.

Carpenter is a man credited with helping build Evansville during its formative years in both politics and business. Though he originally wanted to build a college, an ongoing lack of resources forced him to rethink his aspirations and dedicate the remainder of his life to ensuring Willard Library came to fruition.

Following a rocky period after the project's groundbreaking (1877-1882), Willard library officially opened to patrons on March 28, 1885 and has been actively serving the community ever since. In recent years, the library's reputation as the haunt of the infamous Grey Lady, a specter who's been seen regularly since the 1930's, has exposed this beautiful building to national audiences.